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Connect students of different years through a fun weekend. Trips and bonding activities are well presented within Lucid. However, these activities mostly focus on bringing students together within a year or do not actively try to bring new people together. Lucid Weekend actively tries to mix up standard Lucid connections to so create new Lucid connections which hopes to strengthen the community feeling of Lucid.


Having a fun low threshold bonding time with students of ID from different years by being in a setting that resembles that from a first years weekend. Activities will focus on bringing students from different years together by getting to know each other through bonding and team centered games.

Past years

2018 2019

Participants: 50 (Sold out)

Date: 10 – 12 May 2019

Location: Backyard of Kay van den Aker

Committee Members: 6

Lucid Weekend returned after a 2 year hiatus with a bang. In the backyard of the then current chairman of s.v.i.d. Lucid Kay van den Aker, Lucid Weekend took place with the theme Lucid Fyre Festival. The theme all focused on the groups being influencers for one weekend. Games within groups were played such as the Beer Six Camp, the Six Camp, the Influencer Game where every group received an Instagram account to put photos on and a crazy 8 to perform. It was an amazing weekend with a good division between different years. The weather was unexpectedly beautiful (it was expected to be very bad but in the end it wasn’t) and the parties were super fun. Living stratego was also very intensively played in a beautiful location in the woods on walking distance from the location.

Learning points:
  • Start the committee earlier (started it now in early march, only 2 months to organize everything)
  • Book a location way beforehand, camping or scouting locations were fully booked so only option was Kay’s backyard still.
  • Custom location is very fun and atmospheric but much more work than a scouting location for big groups! A lot of work to get all stuff to the location. 
  • Renting toilets was necessary and quite expensive.
  • Jumbo did not deliver enough gas for the BBQ and not all food. With a fixed scouting location you can cook which is easier.
  • Create competitiveness between groups, works really well to go after bonding between different years.
  • Have the campfire separately from the party. A calm activity clashes with the party going on.