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From study trips to networking events, Lucid has it all. Study association Lucid organizes events in four pillars: Career, Education, Leisure and Facilities. 
These events ranging from simple lunch lectures and weekly drinks in our own Lucid.Bar, to big symposia and festivals, are organised to support all Industrial Design students in their student life. Come and visit one of our events!

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Lucid Socks

Lucid Board

Attention to all people with cold feet! You need socks. Especially Lucid socks! They will keep your feet warm and pretty. The value proposition of these socks is through the roof. Get your pair of socks for only €4,50. Or buy 2 pairs! Buy them as a gift! Everyone wants socks anyway so just stock…

Monday May 10 – Friday July 2

09:00 – 23:00

By Lucid Board

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Finding design in Eindhoven


Finding design in Eindhoven Design is everywhere and we regularly walk past it without even noticing it. In this workshop we will explore the hidden stories the streets of Eindhoven have to offer us. Everyone is very busy at the end of this last quartile. However, a nice relaxing cycling trip it always a great…

Wednesday May 26 – Friday June 18

13:30 – 00:00

By IDcate

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LAPD Aloha drink

LAPD Committee

ALOHA LUCID!! We are so excited to finally give you a taste of the true LAPD party experience 🙂 And yes before you ask, it’s not online!! If you hadn’t guessed the party is Hawaiian themed, with the chance to talk and drink A LOT!! You can also win free beers with fun and games during the…

Thursday June 17

17:00 – 20:00

By LAPD Committee

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