Study Association Industrial Design @TU Eindhoven

Member Space

The member space aims to be the home of all Lucid members. Lucid has a brand new beautiful member space in the basement of the Atlas building on the TU/e campus. It is a place to chill, catch-up with friends, meet new people and work. Lucid also uses the space to host events such as drinks and lunch lectures.

The Bar

Lucid has its own brand new bar! A few times per week our member space is turned into a cozy bar in which Lucid members can have a good time together and relax after a hard day of studying. Every thursday at 17:00 till 20:00 Lucid members can enjoy a delicious drafted beer or craft beer during our weekly drink.


On the second floor of the Atlas building Lucid has their electronics lab. This is a lab where Industrial Design students can purchase cheap electronic components, solder & work on the electrical part of their prototypes.

Go to E-Atelier

Go to E-Atelier

More facilities

Study books

By purchasing books through the Lucid online bookstore, you get 15% off on your books, and you help the association.


Lucid offers subscriptions for unlimited coffee, tea and cacao for the whole year. The beans are freshly ground and you can choose from a variety of coffee specials. Say bye-bye to slow mornings, we got you!

Subscribe at the Lucid Shop!


Lucid has a little shop where we well school supplies and snacks to the members. Next to that, you can get a coffee subscription, subscribe for events and ask questions to the board.

Open every day from 12:30-17:00h. Find the shop in the member space.


Every Lucid member gets a Lucid token when subscribed. This token is your tool to pay during all Lucid events, drinks and at the shop. Via the lassie app members can put money on their token to be able to use it to pay.