First Years Weekend committee

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First Years Weekend


Offers the opportunity for first years students to get to know their fellow students better. But also to get to know the association and board better. In this way we try to make them feel more at home at the association and connected to each other. Therefore this committee contributes to the Lucid community.


At the start of the year the FYW committee organises a weekend full of activities, laughter, drinks, parties and bonfires for the first years students. This at an external location where the participants stay the whole weekend. The board joins the weekend to get closer to the first years.

Past years

2018 2019

Participants: 47

Date: 5 – 7 October 2018

Location: Someren

Committee members: 6

This year’s theme was the Oddlympics which made it a very sportive and competitive weekend between different teams all containing a board member. The weekend had some creative activities and consisted outdoor “Oddlympic games”. In the evening there were parties with drinks from the bar and campfires. Also the famous fuck the board game was played again this year. A game where participants get to know the board better in a fun way.

Learning points:
  • Plan the weekend in the second or third week of the academic year, so the first year students do have time to settle down but did not make a tight group of friends yet.
  • Make sure that everything is fixed before the summer is over.
  • Make an elaborate script of the weekend, so everybody knows what to do at what moment.
  • Make sure enough committee members and volunteers are allowed to draft beer.