Cantus committee

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Cantus Committee


Bringing members together in a fun and relaxed setting.


By organising a carnaval themed party/program at an external location.

Past years

2018 2019

Committee members: 5

Visitors: 150

Location: t’ Lempke

It was a great success, a lot of beer was involved. It was decided that next year there won’t be a cantus because the amount of money which goes into it does not provide enough value for Lucid, looking at the values the association stands for.

Learning points:

In terms of overview/organization

  • Give the orde ‘neighbourhoods’ in which they need to work. This helps to keep the overview.
  • Have 1 order per 1,5 table.

In terms of safety/event

  • Have a backup for the punishments master and cantors.
  • No photographer because the content will be too embarrassing to be put on the Flickr.
  • Have very clear rules on what is and is not allowed, also for the orde.
  • Have one person standard at the door.