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LuSki facilitates a cheap opportunity to go on a skiing holiday together with fellow students. This to bring different Lucid members together and to give them the opportunity to meet new people and relax while having a great time while skiing.


The LuSki committee organises a yearly ski trip for the members of Lucid. Every year we go somewhere else, where we go skiing during the day and have activities and après ski during the evening and night.

Past years

2018 2019

Participants: +/- 40

Location: Vaujany (France)

Date: 24th till 31st of March

Committee Members: 5

This year a group of around 40 persons went to Vaujany (near Alpe d’Huez) in France where we could ski in one of the biggest areas in Europe. The area was suited for skiing & snowboarding and for all different skill levels. We worked with the travel agency Husk which offered a contact person, accomodation, ski-passes, equipment, a place to après ski, a place to eat and activities. 

Learning points:
  • Arrange the activities more structured. Put them in the planning beforehand and make sure that everyone knows where and when to be present.
  • In terms of contact be persistent and ask ultimatums from both participants as the travel agency. 
  • Don’t forget to take allergies and other diet wishes into account when arranging the food.
  • In terms of planning look at important events for all years so they are all able to join the trip. In this way you create the most diverse group.