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Conduct Festival


Conduct is an easily accessible music and workshop festival that offers students the chance to experience music and acquire skill in a large event setting that follows the spirit and vision of Lucid as a whole. Conduct connects students in a professionally set up leisure setting in order to show the stability, expressiveness and creativity from Lucid as an association in general. 


Conduct is Lucid’s yearly music festival. Every year the committee delivers another adventurous edition which connects our members with each other and to other students in Eindhoven. 

Past years

2018 2019

Attendees: 600 (Sold out)

Date: 6th of February 2019

Location: LaPlace Building (LaPlace closing event)

Committee members: 13 (1 board responsible)

Volunteers: 73

Stages: 2

This year conduct took place in the LaPlace building located on the TU/e campus on the 6th of February 2019. It was a 17 hour long festival that started at 9am with workshops that lasted throughout the day. A total of 6 workshops were given by lecturers, staff members and others. Workshops included a DJ workshop, origami, making beer, music workshop, spoken word and paper jewelry. The festival itself lasted until 2pm and was hosted by several artists across 2 stages. Headliners included Chris Stussy, Pablo Discobar Soundsystem and DRKNGHTS Collective. An experience room was present that used the elevators of LaPlace to teleport visitors to another time.

Learning points:
  • A theme is a good guideline for the whole process.
  • Start with a small committee to create a vision, add people along the way.
  • Plan the date of the festival far in advance. That is easier for promotion and external affairs.
  • Greatly consider an inside location to eliminate wheather difficulties
  • An extensive production booklet helps with communication
  • The festival could become much bigger as it sold out easily.