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Hosting parties for the students of industrial design for them to connect, having a fun time with fellow ID students and students from other faculties.


A study association without parties is like cornflakes without milk. Therefore Lucid’s Awesome Party Department arranges a minimum of three parties throughout the year most of the times at a location in or around Eindhoven (stratum) and an occasional pub crawl.

Past years

2018 2019

Amount of parties: 4

Dates: 15-10-18, 19-03-19, 24-5-19, 20-06-19

Location (Respective to dates): Bold 45 (Now Silent Disco), Oude Rechtbank, De IJzeren man Eindhoven, De Bank

Themes: Drunkin’ Donuts, TipsyTronics, GALAPD, LAPD goes Bankrupt

Committee members: 6

Past year the LAPD organized 4 parties. Initially it was planned to only give three parties throughout the year but the committee recognized a fourth party was still possible. The parties all had a distinct theme. The second party TipsyTronics was sponsored by the company TinyTronics, which also provided decoration. The third party was themed as a GALA and provided unlimited drinks for 32,50 euros. All parties were a success and the LAPD provided a lot of fun for a lot of Lucid members. 

Learning points:
  • Try to arrange Dj’s from hot boys network (Lucid’s DJ collective)
  • 4 party’s (one per quartile)
  • Locations are easy to arrange try to get something extra (shots or a drink)
  • Maybe for next year a different kind of promoting could be interesting
  • Trying to arrange a sponsorship for decoration is really fun!