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Intro Committee


To let first years have a good first experience with Lucid and get students enthusiastic about Lucid. As a result, this week tries create a new community of first years students that want to become active at Lucid.


In August the TU/e introduction week is organised so new students can get to know each other, their study and this city. This committee makes sures that this will be a week that will never be forgotten for new first years students.

Past years

2018 2019

First years students: +/- 160

Theme: Panterprintro

Design case: WWF

Green Strip Market: Silent Disco

Faculty party: Feestfabriek

Committee members: 6

This years intro the theme was Panterprintro. This came forward a lot during the week as the theme was expanded through a more jungle vibe with bananas. A theme song was made called ‘Banana’ with videoclip especially for the intro. The design case was given by WWF and activities such the Green Strip Market Silent Disco and faculty party went well. Food during the faculty dinner and hangover breakfast was provided by Jumbo. Overall the week was a lot of fun with a lot of panterprints that could be spotted.

Learning points: