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ID Career


Present the students with possible career opportunities and an insight of the ID business landscape.


Provide value to the members by arranging deals with smaller but interesting companies. These smaller companies are often more inspiring to the members, and thus as valuable as a big company.

Past years

2018 2019

Activities: Internship dinner, Studio Tours, Workshop, Company Drink

Lunch lectures: 4

Committee members: 6

This years ID Career focused a lot on events together with smaller companies. A total of 4 lunch lectures were given. Most of these lunch lectures were given around May. Lunch lectures included the companies Less or More, Design Forum, Koos Service Design and Spark design & Innovation. An internship dinner with 4 companies was hosted as well on the 23rd of March in POPEI with the companies VanBerlo, E-Waste Arcades, Accenture and MedApp. A studio tour at several companies was hosted in April and a studio tour at VanBerlo was hosted in June.

Learning points:

In terms of overview/organization

  • Division of activities needs work! Better spread out throughout the year!
  • Sometimes focused too much on gaining money, loss of potential Career value
  • Keep in touch with other committees, shame to miss out on collaborations!

2020 2021

Activities: Internship dinner, Mini challenge, Lunch lectures

Lunch lectures: 2

Committee members: 6

Learning points:

In terms of overview/organization

  • Involve members better when creating activities or finding companies. It is valuable to talk to members to see where they are interested in and meet the needs of members better through activities. Resulting in a higher attendance. 
  • Online meetings can be convenient sometimes due to travel time. However, if there are many online meetings try to do more things offline in between for a better connection within the committee.