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ID Connect


Present relevant companies and career paths to students and let them connect to these companies and contacts.


Show members what they’re worth and provide them with a option to reach out to interested parties. Show companies what we do and bring them in touch with our members.

Past years

2018 2019

Attendees: 175 (Sold out)

Companies: 20

Date: 23rd of September 2019

Location: IGLUU

Committee members: 6

This years ID Connect was hosted in IGLUU and was visited by 175 people. Main companies that hosted a presentation were Rabobank, VanBerlo and Signify. Three design cases were given on beforehand for Lucid members. The design cases were provided by Kinderpostzegels, Unicef and Innovation Booster. A network drink was hosted after the presentations and announcement of the winners of the design case.

Learning points:
  • We can offer good value for companies in term of sponsoring, make sure to communicate these unique values (oa design case, contact to students → possible employees, new insights etc).
  • Getting companies to the event is much harder, try to find good value for them to come and make companies a big part of your promo plan.
  • ID Connect is the biggest career event from Lucid, so treat it like that: dare to think big.