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End of the Year Trip Committee


Connect students from different years to each other, universities and to companies in a fun international city trip.


The world offers many interesting places and people in the field of design. Each year the End of the Year Trip organizes a trip of 2 to 3 weeks to a city or country in either Europe or outside it. Small and large trips alternate from each other each year. The trip also has cultural elements to explore the country such as food, nature, society, sports or traditions. 

Past years

2018 2019

Attendees: 30 (Sold out, people would have to write motivation)

Location: Japan (Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Hakone)

Date: 6 – 24 July 2019 (3 weeks)

Committee members: 7

This years End of the Year trip went to Japan. The trip lasted for 3 weeks and was a real magical and fun experience. The companies that were visited in Japan were IDEO, Hitachi, Rakuten, Kyoto Design Lab and Fuji Film. During the trip many universities were visited as well. There was also room for planning own activities. The committee provided breakfast, lunch or dinner so now and then at different occasions throughout the week. There was also a karaoke night organized by the committee with unlimited drinks.

Learning points: