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First years trip


To facilitate first years in their discovery towards becoming a designer, we explore some international design together. First years trip provides a low threshold activity for all the first years to bond and get introduced to an inspiring and international design point of view. 


During first years trip the committee takes first years to an international location with interesting (Industrial) design facilities for a week. For example the Milano design week, Barcelona or Copenhagen. Here they will visit companies, universities and other facilities which are interesting for industrial designers while also having a fun time in a foreign place.

Past years

2018 2019

Participants: 54


Location: Copenhagen

Committee Members: 6 (2 quitted during the preparation)

This year we visited Copenhagen. Staying in a hostel we visited the university of Copenhagen and Malmö and several design companies like Designlt and Above. Apart from the design related activities we did some sightseeing in the Danish design museum and the Architecture museum and rented some boats to relax. 

Learning points:
  • Make an elaborate script so the participants know what the plan is.
  • Check the country for National holidays. Companies and universities might be closed.
  • Use a buddy system. This way you delegate the responsibility of constantly checking whether the group is complete.

2020 2021

Participants: 0


Location: Copenhagen

Committee Members: 6 

This year unfortunatelly due to the corona pandemic the trip couldn’t happen.

Learning points:
  • Have strict no-go moments in the planning from the start (in case of a pandemic)