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The General Members Meeting

The General Members meeting is the highest body of the association and checks the board on its tasks, makes decisions, advises when needed, and provides a platform for reflection and discussion. It is the direct mean for communication between members and board. Furthermore committees have to be installed and discharged during GMM’s.

Yearly a board is obligated to host at least three GMM’s:

  • Change of boards

At the change of boards the current board discharges themselves and the new candidate board is installed. 

  • Half Year numbers

At the half year numbers the treasurer and commissioner of bar present the results from Lucid’s financial year from the first of September till 31 January.

  • Election

At the election the candidate board present themselves and their plans towards the association. After they, and possible counterboards have presented themselves, there will be a voting on who is going to be Lucid’s board next year.



General Member Meetings are lead by the chairman of the board. The chairman will hammer on the decisions made during the GMM to make these decisions binding.

There are a few basic regulations during GMM’s regarding the decision making process. This holds for example the way budgets and results are approved and how voting works.

These official regulations can be found in the document below:

GMM regulations


Relevant decision list

Over the years there have been taken a lot of important decision at a GMM. Some of those decisions are over time still relevant for the GMM. 

Below you can find the current relevant decision list of Lucid:

Relevant Decision List



The board sends an inivitation to all Lucid members for joining the GMM. In this invitation the agenda of the GMM is also presented. Members receive this invitation 2 weeks before the GMM. According to the HR of Lucid. This invitation with the agenda should be sent at least 1 week before the GMM.

The current structure of the agenda contains multiple pillars: Leisure, Career, Education and Facilities & Organization. Within these pillars activities, committees and other updates are presented. Besides these pillars there are some standard agenda points and policy updates from the board.

Below you can find an example of the agenda of the GMM.

Example GMM Agenda



The secretary of the board is taking minutes during the GMM. It is her task to provide our members with information of everything discussed at the GMM. These minutes are made for the association to look back at what decisions and discussions have taken place at past GMM’s, which can be useful for the association and its board. 

The minutes of the last GMM should be sent together with the invitation of the next GMM and should be officialy approved during this GMM.

The minutes are currently made like the structure shown below:

Minutes Template



When present at a GMM you are oblidged to put your name on the list of presence with your signature. This list is passed on to the GMM by the board. In the end all people present will be in the minutes.

Below you can find the template of the List of Presence:

List of Presence