Year Reports

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Year Reports

All boards write a year report in the end of their year. This is something they are oblidged by law to do.

A year report is a summary of their board year. It addresses their own expereriences, the progress on the Lucid policy and a other major projects in their board year.

The year report is informative for all people involved with Lucid, and can also be of great help for upcoming boards.

Below you find the year reports of the past boards:

Year Report 2020-2021: Present Purple

Year Report 2019-2020: Groovy Green

Year Report 2018-2019: Onward Orange

Year Report 2017-2018: Radiant Red

Year Report 2016-2017: Bold Blue

Year Report 2015-2016: Prikkelend Paars

Year Report 2014-2015: Scherp Groen

Year Report 2013-2014: Oogverblindend Oranje