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A committee will perform the tasks from the type of activites for which it has been appointed. It will act within the association’s policy and is accountable to the association board. A Committee is responsible for the communication within the committee itself. An appointed board member is responsible for the communication between committee and board.

Primary functions (statutory obligated):
– Chairman;
– Secretary;
– Treasurer;


General Members Meeting

The General Members meeting is the highest body of the association and checks the board on its tasks, makes decisions, advises when needed, and provides a platform for reflection and discussion. It is the direct mean for communication between members and board. Furthermore committees have to be installed and discharged during GMM’s.

Yearly a board is obligated to host at least three GMM’s:

  • Change of boards
  • Half Year numbers
  • Election


Council of Advice

The council of advice (hereafter: CoA) provides the board and the candidate board, at the request of one of these bodies, advice on assocation related issues and policies. Besides the CoA can initiate a meeting. The CoA is composed by the candidate board and will be announced during the change of boards GMM. CoA activities are not public. The CoA consists of members or former members of the association, with a preference for former board members and it is important that the CoA consists of a diverse group of members to make the that the available knowledge as broad as possible.


Council of Predecessors

The Council of Predecessors (hereafter: CoP) advises the primary and secondary functions of the current board on specific tasks per function. Per function a CoP shall be composed, which consists of former board members which had the same function in the past. CoP activities are not public. Each CoP is considered to bring up mismanagement. In the event that a CoP seems it to be necessary, this shall be communicated to the current board before it is brought to the GMM.


Financial Control Committee

The Financial Control Committee (hereafter: FiCo) checks the financial documents of the association. The appointment of this committee is required, by law, unless an accountant is appointed for the above-mentioned tasks. The Financial Control Committee cannot overlap with the financial CoP.


Council of Risk Assessment

The Council of Risk Assessment ensures the safety of the association in high-risk activities by acting as a risk-assessment organ and taking over the financial responsibility of activities if required.


Federation of Study associations Eindhoven

The Federation of Study associations Eindhoven (hereafter: FSE) deals with matters related to all study associations on a university level. FSE speaks on behalf of all the study associations on the TU/e and always handles in the best interest of all the associations.