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Association board

The association board oversees the financial and structural tasks of Study Association Industrial Design Lucid. At all times she will maintain the established association policy, take care for a financial sound association and promote growth.

Primary functions (statutory obligated):
– Chairman;
– Secretary;
– Treasurer.

Secondary functions:
– Commissioner of Education;
– Commissioner of Internal Affairs;
– Commissioner of External Affairs;
– Vice-Chairman.

Optional functions:
– Commissioner of Professional Relations
– Commissioner of Publicity
– Commissioner of Public Relations
– Commissioner of Bar



The Chairman ensures unity is kept within the board and in addition keeps an eye on the policy. Next to that, the Chairman ensures that the profile of Lucid is being propagated. Besides this controlling task is his motivating task also of great importance. The Chairman should also be up to date on ongoing affairs inside and outside the board whereby he will communicate important matters to the board or the association. The complete association board is responsible to keep the Chairman up to date of ongoing affairs. The Chairman will (if present) preside over the GMM and in the first instance address external contacts, unless it concerns sponsoring contracts. Additionally, he will also speak in public on different activities.



The Secretary keeps the overview within the board and the association by means of the year planning and minutes and has thereby a supporting role relative to the Chairman. The Secretary is up to date of the tasks that occupy the other board members and communicates this to the Chairman. The final responsibility for the structure of the planning lies with the Secretary, as well for the minutes of both the board meetings and the General Members Meeting. Archiving of these meetings as well as important materials for Lucid like photo’s, press releases, committee clothing et cetera is a part of this.



The Treasurer is responsible for the financial policy within the association. The Treasurer keeps up with the earnings and expenditures. Additionally, the Treasurer provides the GMM with year- and half year result, the board of the association of a monthly statement and the Financial Control Committee (hereafter: KasCo) of a clear financial overview. The latter so it can monitor and assist the Treasurer.
The Treasurer is also ultimately responsible for the budgets of all committees, although he is not the first person who drafts these. The treasurers of the different committees draft these and subsequently are assisted and supported in conducting the financial policy of the concerning committee by the Treasurer of the association. The latter shall check the financial policy and as said carry the final responsibility. Therefore the Treasurer is also ultimately responsible for the financial policy of the bar. With the significant difference that the financial policy of the bar need to be stipulated in the form of a budget, quartile results, half year results, year results as well as the stocktaking.


Vice Chairman

The Vice Chairman has the responsibility to take over the duties of the Chairman when this one is not able to perform these himself. Additionally the Vice Chairman will support the Chairman in carrying out his function whenever this is desirable. Therefore it is of importance that the Vice Chairman is up to date on current affairs. In discussions, where a second person next to the Chairman is desired, the Vice Chairman will be the preferred person.


Commissioner of Education

It is the duty of the Commissioner of Education to look after the interests of both Lucid and Lucid members on an educational level. Besides that, it lies within the responsibility of the Commissioner of Education to maintain the educational character of Lucid both within the board as within the association.

The Commissioner of Education will make every effort to be informed of rules and procedures within the faculty and the university. The Commissioner of Education additionally will endeavor to be informed of the issues among members on an educational level. The Commissioner of Education can give advice in this context and potentially guide in the solution to these issues, as the Commissioner of Education maintains close contact with the faculty and the university. The Commissioner of Education is the bridge between members and the faculty.


Commissioner of Internal Affairs

The Commissioner of Internal Affairs is responsible for the smooth running of Lucid activities and ensuring the involvement of members. Furthermore, the Commissioner of Internal Affairs will tailor all Lucid activities to the member’s needs. Next to this he will explore opportunities to increase member involvement and enrich the community that is Lucid, this will most likely be through small projects.

For running Lucid’s activities committees are crucial, therefore the Commissioner of Internal Affairs keeps an overview over the board responsible and will be informed through him about the course of events within the different committees. In addition to this, the Commissioner of Internal Affairs will make sure all committees are in line with the vision and policy of Lucid. He also makes sure Lucid’s committees and their activities are divided in an way on leisure, career and education that suits the needs and interests of the members. The Commissioner of Internal Affairs also has the overall responsibility for the recruitment and selection of committee members. He monitors the member’s interest and awareness of upcoming events and acts up when necessary. Additionally, the Commissioner of Internal Affairs is the point of contact for the members. The Commissioner of Internal Affairs uses the personal communication for ensuring the involvement of members and looks at ways to increase and strengthen this involvement.


Commissioner of External Affairs

Together with the Commissioner of Professional Relations, it is the duty of the Commissioner of External Affairs to stimulate the financial growth of Lucid and expanding the professional network.

The Commissioner of External Affairs occupies himself with approaching and maintaining external relations and is responsible for drafting a plan of action to this end. The Commissioner of External Affairs is among other things responsible for creating collaboration- and sponsoring possibilities with these external relations. In this context the focus lies on realising long term contacts and contracts.

At all times the Commissioner of External Affairs has the final responsibility for adhering to the sponsoring policy and ensures through that that the compensation is properly honored. In addition, the Commissioner of External Affairs has a controlling and assisting function towards the different committees regarding the contacting of sponsors.


Commissioner of Professional Relations

The Commissioner of Professional Relations will create new contacts and keep up with existing contacts as to support a specific Lucid activity, to make Lucid more known among companies and to make the education clearer/more understandable for companies. The Commissioner of Professional Relations will support the Commissioner of External Affair in finding new companies/contacts to receive sponsorship from.


Commissioner of Publicity

The Commissioner of Publicity engages in the profiling of Lucid as an association and is responsible for setting up a plan for that and will keep up with the website and other social media of Lucid.

The Commissioner of Publicity strives to ensure the brand identity of Lucid and carries the responsibility for all internal and external communication, with exception of the sponsor contracts. This means sending the newsletter and communication on the TV screen in the members room (ID-Café). This could also include the posters and such.


Commissioner of Public Relations

The combination of both professional relations and publicity in one function.


Commissioner of Bar

The Commissioner of Bar is end responsible for the bar facility of Lucid. He ensures the smooth running and an acceptable workload of the bar committee. In addition, he keeps a close connection between the bar committee and the board, to ensure quick and transparent communication and ensure that the bar is adapted well to the state of Lucid. The Commissioner of Bar makes sure that the identity of the bar is in line with the policy and vision of Lucid.

The Commissioner of Bar is also responsible for the financial risk running a bar brings. He will make sure that the bar has a stable financial state, be it by facilitating close communication between the Lucid treasurer and the committee treasurer, or by acting as the treasurer of the bar himself with accounting help from the board treasurer to reduce the workload placed on the committee members. Having the Commissioner of Bar act as a treasurer allows him to adapt the bar to a new situation when Lucid is undergoing drastic changes.

If the board decides that the Commissioner of Bar will act as a treasurer, it is his task to let the committee members make most of the financial decisions, providing them with the knowledge that allows them to make informed choices. The treasurer then mostly focuses on the accounting and bookkeeping part of the financials. This does not make him a committee member, but a manager of the policy and global direction of the bar.