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To support students during their study in terms of education.


Providing students with educational activities, which are tailored to the curriculum, provide them with new skills and inspire them to become the designer they want to be.

Past years

2018 2019

Activities: 10

Kind of activities: Workshops, Lunch lectures and markets

Committee members: 6

This year was focussed on the basic Adobe workshops and adapting on the students needs. This resulted in several workshops, lunch lectures and elective & user test markets. Workshops like the MorgenMakers workshop and Adobe workshops were part of EduCie’s activities.

Learning points:

In terms of overview/organization

  • Calculate some extra time into the planning of an event when working with the department. The communication takes a lot of time.
  • Don’t try to squish in events in your planning because then the workload of the committee becomes too high. Make a planning at the beginning of the year with the events you want to organize and make sure there is enough time between them.
  • Make sure you don’t have small action points no one feels responsible for. This resulted tasks not being done and events getting canceled.
  • Make sure you have extra time to do activities you are passionate about, otherwise it gets put aside.
  • The organisation of a workshop or lunch lecture is always the same. Use a structure to organize them efficient. For example a checklist and action points to optimize the organization of events.