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Yearbook Committee


For members to relive, remember and document all the Lucid memories of a particular year.


The Yearbook committee creates an overview of the year by making a book where all committees, activities and highlights of the year are presented.

Past years

2017 2018

Committee members: 6

This year’s yearbook was released a bit late but was still a success. The focus really lay on getting sponsorships for the yearbook, which turned out to be a really hard task since the book is made for members only.

Learning points:
  • Sponsorships are hard. Start quickly and try to look at alternative ways to fund the yearbook, such as alumni companies.
  • Make an accurate ‘over the summer’ planning. This ensures you can actually release the Yearbook when you want to.
  • Start immediately with making a back-bone. This provides you with a clear overview on what has been done and what the structure of the yearbook is.
  • We did pre-orders & ordered fewer yearbooks. Less paper waste!