Why Lucid has a policy

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Why Lucid has a policy

Lucid as an association always follows a core vision. This vision states:

“Study association Lucid acts as a stable platform which provides an easily accessible community for each ID student and staff member within a changing ID landscape. Lucid supports and challenges the members in education, career and leisure related to ID and student life.”


Stable platform / Lucid | Lucid on organisational level. Stable base to act as a place to innovate, provide facilities to do what the association wants.

Easily accessible community | Low threshold to join community, easily accesible. Social safety net, open ambiance, home feeling, family, living room environment, brothers and sisters feeling.

Each ID student | The target group of the association.

Continuously changing | Curriculum, location, mentality.

ID landscape | Including companies, department, career, society, relevant laws and operation management.


This vision is leading to how we do things at Lucid and in the changes boards make to the association. This regarding both the activities that Lucid organizes, the external presentation of Lucid and the internal structure and money flow of the association.

It is the role of the board to adhere to this vision and reflect it in every change they make to the association. To improve and change the association the board needs a strategic plan on how they will work from Lucid’s core vision to improve the way the association functions. This so called strategic policy is the change which in the upcoming period is going to be implemented step-by-step to get the association closer to how Lucid is envisioned to be like.