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Focus (Formerly DSLR)


The DSLR makes sure Lucid events are eternalised. They also aim to teach each other and members outside of the committee about photography and videography.


By sending photographers to Lucid events. The results are documented and then can be put on the Flickr and communication channels or used for presentations and videos. Also they learn from each other during their work and occasionally organize workshops

Past years

2018 2019

Committee members: 10

Eternalised events: ?

Besides of the awesome game created around the tokendrink, the difficult things committee worked on several projects for the new bar. They implemented the LED system in the bar and worked on the beer mug system. Furthermore the experimented with data in de member space in a project called Lucid Living Lab.

Learning points:
  • Work with a separated committee and a poule of people who only want to make photos for more efficiency.