19:00 - 21:00

Thursday November 26


Have you ever thought of an amazing idea but missed the necessary support to realise your wildest dreams. Well, we are giving you the chance to bring your own initiative concepts to life. Welcome to the Lucid x VIDE shark tank, where our angel investors, in this case, members, can support you with wise advance, support and may help your idea get the necessary funds needed.  You will have 2 weeks till Saturday the 21st of November, to submit your own initiative proposal. This can be done as an individual or in a group. The proposal submission is free-form meaning that you can present your idea in whatever format you deem appropriate. Video, Powerpoint, Poster, whatever your heart desires.   Your pitch (pre-recorded) will be presented on a live stream, with live Q&A after. Members then have the opportunity to vote. So be prepared, as the sharks will be listening.

This event is in the past, so you cannot subscribe for it

Organised by Lucid Board