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From study trips to networking events, Lucid has it all. Study association Lucid organizes events in four pillars: Career, Education, Leisure and Facilities.

These events range from simple lunch lectures and weekly drinks in our own Lucid.Bar, to big symposia and festivals. All are organised to support Industrial Design students in their student life. Come and visit one of our events!

There are currently no events scheduled

Past Events

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LAPD’s Wasted Walk

LAPD Committee

Join us on our highly drunk hike through Stratum! This last event before the summer holiday will get you all of Stratum for a reduced price! At this event will go together from pub to pub, you will get a card from which you will get a beer at every pub. The card can be…

Thursday July 7 – Friday July 8

22:00 – 02:00

By LAPD Committee

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129th General Members Meeting

Lucid Board

It’s the last General Members Meeting before the summer vacation! Join to see how several committees will be discharged: Lustrum DIY, IDCate and UNID. The Master Activity Committee will be mutated. Next to this, we will give another update about the payment system of Lucid. We will provide free lunch, make sure to leave your allergies and…

Tuesday July 5

12:30 – 13:30

By Lucid Board

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Barman & Barman Vrijmibo

Bar Management

Time to bring back an old tradition, welcome to Barman & Barman! The bar will be taken over by none other than Bart Hengeveld and Joep Frens! Have you always wanted to see your favorite professors pour a nice drink just for you? Join the drink and a(dt)je to!

Friday July 1

17:00 – 20:00

By Bar Management

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Big Outside Drink

Bar Management

It’s big, it’s outside and it’s a drink, it’s the BIG OUTSIDE DRINK! Come and enjoy this amazing event filled with good vibes, amazing weather (yes we checked) and the company of some lovely people while having a nice drink!

Thursday June 30

17:00 – 22:00

By Bar Management

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The 1st Drunk Members Meeting

Lucid Board

The long-awaited first DMM is here! The day after the 128th GMM the board will have another GMM, but now slightly different: a Drunk Members Meeting. Some interesting and exciting topics will be discussed all along while the board is drinking, A LOT. Be sure to join to watch us get drunk! The agenda is empty…

Wednesday June 22

18:00 – 20:00

By Lucid Board

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Design Showcase

ID Career

Win a prize with a total value of €150,- on Monday, the 20th of June by subscribing your own project of your choice. On Monday projects from UTwente, TU/e and TU Delft, will get together and battle to show who has the best project. All projects are allowed (BSc, Master, big, small, health, mobile, wearables,…

Monday June 20

12:30 – 16:30

By ID Career