Lucid has a close connection with companies in many ways. First of all because our students often work in close relation with companies in their projects and internships. Besides that we as association want to give our students a look into what the future can bring for them. In order to do so we have several activities with different companies each year. The activities vary from a brainstorm session, a visit to a company, a design case and everything in between. Up till now we have worked together with many different companies each with a different outcome. Below is an overview of the companies we have worked with in the past two years and the activities we did together.


Lucid has close contact with the Industrial Design students, besides the group of active Lucid members is quite big. To reach out to the Lucid members, Lucid has various promotion channels such as posters in the members room, a weekly newsletter and more. To understand what activitiy Lucid can do in collaboration with a company and which platform is the best medium for promotion, the Lucid portfolio has further elaborated explanations and promotion plans.


These are the companies that Lucid is currently working with or has worked with in the past.

Together with the Kamer van Koophandel we held a design case. For this design case, a group of 20 students had to work with employees of the KVK to find a new way of working with and for them. For the KVK employees this was a totally new way of working and though the approach was new, the result was promising. The employees really enjoyed the collaboration and the students had face to face target group experience. 

Accenture offered a inhouse day for the members of Lucid. Students got an impression of the work ethics at the floor and were able to ask anything they wanted.

In 2017 a group of 25 students participated in the Breman Design case. 

Jongens van de Tekeningen is a comapny of designers who help translate abstract thoughts into convincing visuals. Through this they clarify matters and create new perspectives. They Support creative processes where images help with the interaction and communication of visions or strategies.
In 2015 Lucid and Jongens van de Tekeningen had their first collaboration. Both in 2015 and 2016 they hosted a workshop for Lucid members about sketching to communicate a vision as designer.

IDEa is the association by and for alumni of Industrial Design, Eindhoven University of Technology. IDEa brings and keeps Alumni together, to catch up every now and then and to create a ground for exchange of expertise and experiences. IDEa wants to make sure that Alumni keep each other up to date about developments in industry and in the academic environment.


Craftsmanship is mastery. And mastery comes with age. Behind the Grolsch beers and Royal Grolsch N.V. lies a rich history of nearly 400 years, which began in 1615. Grolsch is one of the oldest companies in the Netherlands. As study association we have our own bar where we have been draughting Grolsch since 2002.

Studystore stands between educational institution, publisher and student. They have extensive contacts with educations and educational publishers worldwide. Through their facilitating role they enable growth and development in Higher Education. Today and in the future. To provide our members witch books we have a close connection with studystore, our supplyer for that.

In our faculty we have our own electronics shop where we sell RS-components. Next to that RS –components has been our partner in many more events like the DDW.

Royal Philips Netherlands is a diversified technology company that wants to improve people’s lives through meaningful innovation in the field of healthcare, consumer lifestyle and lighting.
In 2014 we have done a design case with Philips Lighting. 16 master students worked on a case for 5 days. This has become a repeating collaboration.