Lucid has a close connection with companies in many ways. First of all because our students often work in close relation with companies in their projects and internships. Besides that we as association want to give our students a look into what the future can bring for them. In order to do so we have several activities with different companies each year. The activities vary from a brainstorm session, a visit to a company, a design case and everything in between. Up till now we have worked together with many different companies each with a different outcome.


Lucid has close contact with the Industrial Design students, besides the group of active Lucid members is quite big. To reach out to the Lucid members, Lucid has various promotion channels such as posters in the members room, a weekly newsletter and more. To understand what activitiy Lucid can do in collaboration with a company and which platform is the best medium for promotion, the Lucid portfolio has further elaborated explanations and promotion plans.

Our Partners

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