From study trips to a drink at the Lucid.Bar, Lucid has it all. For a couple of years now, the association organized trips during which members get to know the design world beyond our home base. The Milan Design Week has been visited for many years by the first year students and a few shorter 'city trips' organized by the EduCie cannot stay behind. Conduct festival was a great succes with live music, workshops and food for those who visit. A beautiful and creative way to portray Lucid.

Study Trips

Taiwan, China, Russia, Sweden, Finland, Italy and the United States of America. These are the countries that Lucid has visited so far. Many more are to come. Students visit schools and universities that most of the time are connected with the TU/e. Design fairs, museums and other design or art events are visited as well. Not to forget the needed relaxation in nature parks and fun in pubs and bars. Lucid organizes the first year trip, the end of the year trip and shorter city trips through the year.

Brussels City Trip 2017

In the spring of 2017 the education committee, EduCie, organized a city trip for 23 Lucid members. In the two days the group visited LUCA School of Arts, Brussel city life and the Atomium Museum. 

First Year Trip Barcelona

Each year a committee with only first year students organizes a design trip for about 50 students of their year. For many years the Milan Design Week was the place to be, but due to schedule conflicts, Barcelona was visited. The group visited the Elisava University, musea and more. A nice combination between education and leisure for the first years students. 

End of the Year Trip

Not one, but three countries were visited by the End of the Year Trip in 2016. From St. Petersburg in Russia, to Helsinki in Finland, Stockholm Sweden. A few design agencies and the Dutch Consulate-General St. Petersburg were visited as well. 

Profiling activities

A few of Lucids biggest events; events that the association is proud of for being able to organize. Yet many of these activities were established together with many companies and of course, Lucid members.

Conduct Festival

Conduct festival is found on the edge of technology and festivity. Conduct aims to add an extra dimension to the standard festival culture by providing an extensive side program and to give upcoming electronic live acts the chance to prove themselves on stage. Through cooperation with multiple companies, funds and organisations Conduct strives to bring students in contact with these companies, funds and organisations. The first edition of the festival was a huge success with over 600 unique visitors. During the second edition of the festival, which will be held on the 14th of september 2017 we want to further emphasize our theme ‘The social impact of technology’.


In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TED Talks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection. Lucid is founding partner of TEDxEindhoven. TEDxEindhoven organises multiple pitch events throughout the year.   

GLOW LumenUs

GLOW 2016 LumenUs is founded as an initiative of Industrial Design students of Study Associations Lucid and Build Environment of CHEOPS. The goal was to create a light installation for the GLOW route of 2016.

Besides the installation, LumenUs also runned the official ‘LumenUs Glow Horecaplein’. This GLOW Science Café formed the connection between the students, the involved companies and the visitors of GLOW. During the days, lunch lectures and activities with the involved companies were held. In the evenings, this was the place for the visitors and students to have a drink.


The Lucid.Bar can host around 200 people. These visitors can make use of standing stables with barstools and a big sitting table for 16 people. The Lucid.Bar has a wide variety of special beers, fine wines, all sorts of soda and of course beer from draught.

About the bar


The Lucid.Bar is maintained by the Bar.Management;

Chairman – Sammy Oor

Secretary – Karel Aarts

Facilities – Cyril Mengin

Events – Mike Roozenburg

Events – Noortje Boekenogen

Promotion –  Stijn van der Hoek 

Treasurer & Board – Ruben de Jongh

Bar tenders


The Lucid.Bar is made strong by our voluntary bartenders


Bar activities


Throughout the year, the Lucid.Bar hosts all sorts of activities. Naturally, the weekly drink on Thursdays. But also a VrijMiBo, Pupquiz, Big Outside Drink, Flairtending workshop for our bartenders, drinks for our contributors, and so on.

Your event in the Lucid.Bar?

It is possible for everyone to host a drink or activity in our bar. Birthdays, Graduations, Company Drink, etc. For more information about prices, availability or possibilities please contact us via bar@lucid.cc or come by in the bar.
The bar serves draft beer, wine, soft drink and rotates the special beers from time to time. A bit of comfort food is served as well, such as hotdogs and grilled cheese sandwiches.