Welcome to the Lucid Graphics website; cloud 9 for the chief promotions and other enthusiasts. Find the templates you need and decide which level fits you best. Don’t forget that your message is the most important thing of your promotion, no matter what platform you use. Not enough time? Pick the beginner template. Ready to get the creative juices flowing? Pick the advanced template and let’s go!

A few handy files

All you need to know about the Lucid logo and how you should use it.

Ubuntu and Roboto, in zip file, just for you.

The Lucid logo in the current board colour, white and black, and the icon on it’s own. PGN and SVG files!

At last the Lucid pattern. This is a PSD file and you’re able to change the background and pattern colour! #gradients

Which level template should you use?


Let’s say you’re in a hurry, which is fine. And let’s say your committee or what ever you’re promoting for, doesn’t really have its own branding. Well, that’s not the end of the world; hello! It’s time to set your priorities what is your core message? The beginner template is mainly text based. The layout is set, only the titel/description is still needed.


Position informative labels and Lucid branding.


Title/description/text box.


So, you have a little bit more than just a title or description to use as promotion. If you’ve got an images and a great idea for text, then the intermediate template may be the best for you. These templates have an adjustable background, photoboxes and text boxes left for images that help to visualise your event, advertisement or other promotion.


Position informative labels and Lucid branding.


Text box, image boxes and background.


Woah! You don’t need much, if any, help. You’re creative and skilled plus you’ve got enough time to work on your master piece. The advanced templates are basically empty, with the exception of a few fixed images and labels which all templates have. For inspiration, take a look at the beginner or intermediate templates.


Position informative labels and Lucid branding.



The Lucid newsletter is send every Monday to all the Lucid members. These include currently active students, but also alumi and staff who are subscribed to the Lucid newsletter. Make sure you send your documents at last on Friday at 15:00h to Lynne to be in the newsletter of the upcoming week. The earlier, the better as you’re able to receive feedback on your text or banner. Save you banner in Illustrator as PNG, select ‘artboard’, ppi 300.

Lucid posters are everywhere! There’s one thing in common, they’re all in the same template. Make sure yours is too, otherwise your poster won’t be up for long. Finished your masterpiece? Send it to the poster responsible, Lynne, for feedback and approval. Your board responsible or Lynne will print the posters for you. The only thing you should do is removing the bleed and putting them up on the cork boards in the members’ room. Posters are not allowed on walls or the concrete pillars in Atlas.

Facebook banners measurements change all the time. But Lucid makes sure you’ve got the correct temples so your banners are always good to read. Use the banner for your Facebook page and event. Some committees have their own page, events can de made through their page. If there is no page, the event can be made through Lucid page. Your banner should approved by Lynne before being put online. Send the file to Lynne for feedback!

You’ve probably seen the big TV screen in the members room. It’s really an eye catcher, so use it! Send you TV slide to Lynne and in no time your silde wil be seen by everyone who walks into the member room. 

The month calendar hangs above the coffee machine and is a very visible item in Lucid. A lot of members watch it to see what events are planned the  upcoming month. In order to keep the calendar fun, each activity gets its own little square that you can design yourself. Save you calendar item in Illustrator as PNG, select ‘artboard’, ppi 300. Send the file to Lynne for feedback and approval. She will then add it to the calendar. The earlier you send it, the better!