E-lucid is the electronic component shop of Lucid for the Industrial Design students. In partnership with RS-components E-Lucid provides the ID students with nearly all products sold by RS at a 15% discount. E-lucid is currently located at ATL 2.201 and is open every day from 13:00 until 15:00h.

How to buy components at E-lucid

In order to buy components at E-lucid, you have to be a Lucid member. All payments are done with help of the Lucid RFID ‘token’.  Always make sure you have enough credit on your token when you go to E-lucid. You can add money to your E-lucid account at the Lucid shop in the Lucid member space (ATL -1.600) or via the Lassie app (Android or iOS)

What E-lucid offers

The most frequently used components are most of the time in stock. If, however, E-lucid does not carry the components of your choice in stock, they can be ordered at the RS-website. These will be delivered within 2 working days* and can be collected at E-lucid. Please provide our shop employees with the RS-stocknumber.

*As long as RS has the component in stock