To offer a challenge for the students and collaborating companies, Lucid offers a variaty of activities. Workshops, Inhouse days and much more; the career aspect of the Lucid member shouldn't be forgotten. Industrial design students are driven, motivated and eager to take a challenge when it comes to education or career possibilities. Expect a rush of creativity, focus and stategy when collaborating with Lucid!

What activities could you do with Lucid?

Design case

Do you have a (complex) problem or challenge you need to solve, but you don’t know how? That’s exactly where Industrial Design student come in! With the use of design thinking and other design strategies and techniques they will tackle the problem and give you a new perspective and solution.


You’ve got a tool, product, app, or anything else that would be really interesting for the Industrial Design students to use and for you to learn from their usage. That’s one way to interpret a workshop, new ideas always spark interest among the student!

Lunch lecture

Graphic design, portfolio, wicked problems, you name it and industrial design students can’t wait to hear more and ask you witty questions. This is the way to tell a lot of students something about a company, product or service.

Pre-Borrel Lecture

A pre-drink lecture is exactly what is sounds like. During an informal lecture you can present your company to students, and make them excited to work for you, or to do an internship at your company. After the lecture you get the opportunity to get to know the students better with a drink and a snack. This enables you and the students to discuss aspects of your company, and find out what you can mean for each other in a casual way.

Inhouse day

Industrial design student are always curious about the actual working floor. During an inhouse day a company gets the opportunity to show the students their workspace and workflow. We will visit a company and they will show all the ins and outs of the office.


Brainstorm session

Are you stuck on a problem and do you want a whole lot of ideas? Collaborate in a brainstorm session. Here we will create a load of ideas in a short period of time. The best ideas will be presented in the end.

Networking Dinner

During this yearly event students and companies get in touch with each other while enjoying a lovely diner. Every company has its own table where they can talk with different students during the courses.

Breman Design case



DSM developed a new technology but weren’t sure what to do with this. A group of 40 students brainstormed about the possibilities of the new technology. The best ones were chosen to be developed at DSM.



In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TED Talks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection. Lucid is founding partner of TEDxEindhoven. TEDxEindhoven organises multiple pitch events throughout the year.   

GLOW LumenUs



GLOW 2016 LumenUs is founded as an initiative of Industrial Design students of Study Associations Lucid and Build Environment of CHEOPS. The goal was to create a light installation for the Glow route of 2016.

Besides the installation, LumenUs also runned the official ‘LumenUs GLOW Horecaplein’. This GLOW Science Café formed the connection between the students, the involved companies and the visitors of GLOW. During the days, lunch lectures and activities with the involved companies were held. In the evenings, this was the place for the visitors and students to have a drink.