To offer a challenge for the students and collaborating companies, Lucid offers a variaty of activities. Workshops, Inhouse days and much more; the career aspect of the Lucid member shouldn't be forgotten. Industrial design students are driven, motivated and eager to take a challenge when it comes to education or career possibilities. Expect a rush of creativity, focus and stategy when collaborating with Lucid!

What activities could you do with Lucid?

Design case

Do you have a (complex) problem or challenge you need to solve, but you don’t know how? That’s exactly where Industrial Design student come in! With the use of design thinking and other design strategies and techniques they will tackle the problem and give you a new perspective and solution.


You’ve got a tool, product, app, or anything else that would be really interesting for the Industrial Design students to use and for you to learn from their usage. That’s one way to interpret a workshop, new ideas always spark interest among the student!

Lunch lecture

Graphic design, portfolio, wicked problems, you name it and industrial design students can’t wait to hear more and ask you witty questions. This is the way to tell a lot of students something about a company, product or service.

Inhouse day

Industrial design student are always curious about the actual working floor. During an inhouse day a company gets the opportunity to show the students their workspace and workflow. We will visit a company and they will show all the ins and outs of the office.


A bootcamp is similar to a design case, but students will work for a few days in a row on a problem. During a bootcamp there is time to develop prototypes from a better quality. The prototypes will help to communicate the ideas better. A bootcamp will give more depth to the problem and will give you further developed concepts.


Brainstorm session

Are you stuck on a problem and do you want a whole lot of ideas? Collaborate in a brainstorm session. Here we will create a load of ideas in a short period of time. The best ideas will be presented in the end.

Networking Dinner

During this yearly event students and companies get in touch with each other while enjoying a lovely diner. Every company has its own table where they can talk with different students during the courses.

Breman Design case

DSM developed a new technology but weren’t sure what to do with this. A group of 40 students brainstormed about the possibilities of the new technology. The best ones were chosen to be developed at DSM.


In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TED Talks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection. Lucid is founding partner of TEDxEindhoven. TEDxEindhoven organises multiple pitch events throughout the year.   

GLOW LumenUs

GLOW 2016 LumenUs is founded as an initiative of Industrial Design students of Study Associations Lucid and Build Environment of CHEOPS. The goal was to create a light installation for the Glow route of 2016.

Besides the installation, LumenUs also runned the official ‘LumenUs GLOW Horecaplein’. This GLOW Science Café formed the connection between the students, the involved companies and the visitors of GLOW. During the days, lunch lectures and activities with the involved companies were held. In the evenings, this was the place for the visitors and students to have a drink.


Internships, graduation projects, jobs, these can be found here!
Digital Business/IT Consultant - Accenture (EN/NL)
As a Digital Business/IT Consultant you work in highly collaborative mode with the client and the Accenture and other teams to capture and document business requirements, customer journey flows, and functional designs in areas of E-Commerce and/or Experience Management solutions. You are the linking pin between the client and Development teams, and in certain cases act as a Product Owner or shadow Product Owner on behalf of the client.
Job description
  • You capture business requirements in the form of epics, features and user stories, and make sure the acceptance criteria for the user stories are clear. 
  • You use customer journey flows to structure the user stories in the right context.
  • You define customer persona’s and get clear with the customer on satisfiers and dissatisfiers of the persona’s.
  • You help the customer in understanding the business value of the business requirements and facilitate in the prioritization.
  • You understand what E-Commerce and/or Experience management platform offer and make sure that clients are aware and benefit of available features.
  • You act as an advisor and propose alternatives that provide more or similar business value to less costs. 
  • You act as the linking pin on a day to day basis with the client’s Product Owner, the User Experience specialists and the technical development team. 
  • During implementation you collaborate with the Testing team to prepare for the end to end tests. 
Place in the organization
Accenture is a global company engaged in Strategy, Digital, Technology and Operations. Accenture Digital offers clients solutions to stimulate growth, find new ways to create value and to transform their organizations. Our Digital professionals bring our leading digital opportunities, assets, software and services together. Besides this they offer the clients an extensive portfolio of business and IT services; such as developing new digital strategies, implementing digital technologies and executing digital processes. Accenture Digital is divided in three groups: Accenture Interactive, Accenture Analytics and Accenture Mobility. You will be part of Accenture Interactive Delivery.
Click here for more information and qualifications.
Traineeship Analytics/ Junior Analytics Consultant - Accenture (EN/NL)

Do you firmly believe data is the new oil? And eager to help out companies with actionable insights in their businesses?  Do you want to boost your career by developing Digital Analytics skills in an extensive trainings-month? Join our 4-weeks Training Program and become a Junior Analytics Consultant within our Digital team!  

Job Description

Analytics is a top priority for many of our clients, and they look to Accenture Analytics professionals for expertise and guidance. 

By joining Accenture, you will become a part of a new Analytics Training Program which will boost your career. In August, you will start with multiple Junior Consultants in a 4-weeks program.  You will get quick access to relevant Digital Skills through an extensive training program that involves the best analytics technologies in the market, where we give you a running start by providing you with certifications, in-depth knowledge of the new technologies and equips you with Analytics skills which are in high demand within Accenture and our clients. 

We will help you to develop deep, marketable skills and industry-specific expertise that will take your career in any direction you want. These are some of the skills you will be developing: 

  • Analytics visualization (Tableau, Qlikview, Alteryx)
  • Agile (Agile & Scrum Master certification)
  • Cloud architectures
  • Accenture Insights Platform 
  • Data management
  • Big Data (Hadoop, Spark)  

After the program, you will start working as a Junior Analytics Consultant where you represent the Analytics practice of Accenture Digital. You as a professional within Accenture Analytics will focus how to respond to changing industry dynamics and position clients for future success. You will work with businesses, government agencies and other public service organizations to develop the informatics and predictive analytic capabilities needed to outperform in these fast-changing times. You will personally lead and manage the design, development, implementation and management of next-generation informatics and advanced analytics solutions


Place in the organization

Accenture is a global consultancy company active in the intersection of business and technology, with comprehensive services in the field of Digital Strategy, Technology and Operations.

Accenture Digital correctly combines Accenture’s expertise in digital marketing, analytics, and mobility. For example, Accenture helps its clients harness the power of digital to drive growth, find new ways to create value and transform organizations. By using digital technology, it creates more meaningful and relevant experiences for the customers of companies across all channels and segments. Additionally, digital technology can be used to create new products and business models or to optimize internal processes.

Accenture Analytics offers you an exciting & varying work. The project-based way of working allows you to quickly see different companies, industries, colleagues, and subjects. This environment requires you to keep challenging yourself. Also, Accenture will help you with this by offering training that will help you grow as a consultant, professionally and as a person.

Your work will benefit end users around the world, as our clients include end users around the world. Those clients include eight of the top 10 global retailers, nine of the top 10 businesses in banking, and all of the top 10 companies in consumer products, telecom, and pharmaceuticals, as listed in 2017’s Forbes 2000.

Click here for more information and qualifications.

Commercieel trainee - Venderion (NL)


Als commercieel trainee ben je verantwoordelijk voor het benaderen van organisaties in Nederland die zich voornamelijk bezighouden met het ontwikkelen van software. Je bent verantwoordelijk voor zowel het leggen van het eerste contact als het plannen en aansturen van onze accountmanagers voor een verdere verdieping van onze klantrelaties. Je vervult hierbij een consultantrol, tevens ben jij het eerste aanspreekpunt voor onze potentiële klanten.


  •  Je bent bezig met een HBO en/of academische studie, bijvoorbeeld (technische) bedrijfskunde, informatica of communicatie.
  • Je bent commercieel ingesteld en hebt bij voorkeur affiniteit met ICT. Je bent ondernemend,      analytisch goed ontwikkeld en resultaat- en doelgericht.
  • Je beheerst de Nederlandse taal uitstekend. Je bent minimaal 1 dag per week beschikbaar, voor een langere periode.


Venderion is een relatief jonge organisatie waar momenteel een 30-tal studenten een bijbaan hebben om ervaring op te doen in een business to business omgeving. De studenten bij Venderion werken minimaal 8 uur en mocht je meer willen werken dan wordt dit op prijs gesteld. Wij willen dit team verder uitbreiden!

Mocht je geïnteresseerd zijn en/of weet je iemand die (met jou) een nieuwe uitdagende en flexibele bijbaan op niveau zoekt, bel of mail dan voor een kennismaking:

040 2571498

3D specialist - Design 8 (NL)

Voor de 3D Software­producten Rhino, MODO, solidThinking Evolve & Inspire, ViaCAD en KeyShot zoeken we een 3D specialist.

Wie zijn wij?

Wij zijn Design8 bv in Tiel, importeur van 3D Ontwerpsoftware, Visualisatiesoftware en 3D Printers. We geven training en support op alle producten die we voeren. Door onze persoonlijke benadering, snelle respons en inhoudelijke en technische productkennis genieten we een uitstekende reputatie bij onze resellers en eindgebruikers in de Benelux en daarbuiten. Om deze reputatie op pijl te houden en de toenemende vraag bij te kunnen benen zijn we op zoek naar een 3D specialist.

Wat kun je?

● Het liefst ben je ontwerper en begrijpt ontwerpers, want dat is onze doelgroep.

● Je bent goed in 3D, vindt het leuk en kunt reeds overweg met (een aantal van) de producten.

● Je bent communicatief vaardig, commercieel alert in je contact met klanten en altijd correct.

● Je bent servicegericht met veel verantwoordelijkheidsgevoel.

● Je kunt zelfstandig werken op HBO denkniveau of hoger.

● Je bekijkt de dingen met het oog op de lange termijn.

● Je hebt technische basiskennis van het Windows & Mac besturingssysteem.

● Je hebt productontwerpkennis en kunt basis technische tekeningen maken.

● Je beheerst de Engelse taal goed in schrift en spraak.

● Je hebt een rijbewijs.

● We hebben een hekel aan woon­werkverkeer, dus ben je woonachtig in de omgeving Tiel.

Wat zijn de werkzaamheden?

Je beheerst de genoemde producten, zodat je demo’s, training & support kan geven. Software­demonstraties kunnen online, op kantoor, bij een bedrijf of op een beurs plaatsvinden. Je ontwikkelt mee aan de trainingen. Voor een enkele klant zet je de kennis in voor ontwerpondersteuning.

Wat bieden we?

Bespreekbaar aantal uren per week, flexibele werktijden, goed salaris, laptop en telefoon.

Interesse? Neem contact op met Merel Sardaro, of bel 0344­577884.

Stagiair - BEACON (NL)

IO-er met gevoel voor management (M/V)

Word jij de nieuwe stagiair(e) van BEACON?

Wie zijn wij?

BEACON is gespecialiseerd in het helpen van onze klanten bij Innovatie. Innovatieprojecten zijn altijd nieuw, maar toch kun je bedreven zijn in het managen daarvan. Onze klanten zijn divers, van multinationale reuzen en professionele MKB bedrijven tot jonge start-ups.

Wij zoeken een gemotiveerde, energieke en getalenteerde stagiair(e) industrieel ontwerpen van de TU-Delft, TU- Eindhoven of de Universiteit Twente.

Wat ga je doen?

Als stagiair(e) word je volwaardig lid van ons team en word je betrokken bij het gehele proces. Dat betekent dat je volop de mogelijkheid krijgt om je vaardigheden te ontwikkelen zowel op het gebied van projectmanagement van innovatie als op het gebied van Front End of Innovation. Het assisteren bij workshops en helpen organiseren ervan hoort daar soms ook bij.

Je vindt het leuk om te regelen en te organiseren en hebt een passie voor (product)innovatie. Ervaring en affiniteit met grafische vormgeving is een pré.


De stageperiode duurt 3 tot 6 maanden, start- en einddatum in overleg. De stagevergoeding is in principe € 350 per maand. BEACON is gevestigd in Driebergen op 3 min. lopen van het station Driebergen-Zeist.

Heb je interesse? Stuur dan een email met CV, en motivatie naar

Product designer - Cytomate (EN/NL)

Are you a passionate student ID interested in a great part time job? Look no further; We want you!

Subject: Develop innovative product design for new Biological Cell Scanner

Period: immediately. Duration 4 weeks.

Hourly rate: €15,00 p/u

CytoMate Technologies develops personal imaging devices’ for hospitals, universities and biopharmaceutical companies. CytoMate has developed a new scanner to enable laboratory technicians to take massive amounts of microscopic images of biological cells and analyse these in a very short time. The technology behind this product is ready, and there are already some product designs (see picture). However, there are not good enough. We are looking for a student who wants to take on the challenge to create an innovative and sexy design for this new product.


  • Entrepreneurial spirit
  • Experience in product development / prototyping
  • Experience with SolidWorks and / or 3DS Max
  • Bachelor / Master’s degree product design
  • English or Dutch speaking

We offer:

A part time (students) job with a lot of freedom in a young high tech company in the center of Eindhoven (on the campus of the TU/e) in which you work with a young and enthusiastic team working on the development of new technology.

Interested? Send an email with motivation + CV to

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