Lucid is the study association that supports the Industrial Design students at the University of Technology Eindhoven in their studies. Lucid organises activities focussed on education, career and leisure. It all started in 2002, when the study association was established. Ever since the amount of Industrial Design students grew and so did the amount of active Lucid members. More and more committees started, organising study trips and workshops, facilitating the Lucid.Bar and combining text, media and graphics to create UNiD magazine. Next to all these committees and their activities, there is also room for initiatives by our members. From a mindfulness evening, to a workshop given by an excited master student, Lucid is practically up for anything.

Current board


The 19th Board of s.v.i.d. Lucid – “Groovy Green”


From left to right: Iris Camps, Anne Jenster, Lynne de Kluizenaar, Ruben de Jongh, Mirthe Visscher, Niek van den Berk

This is the Nineteenth Board of Lucid, “Groovy Green”. During the association year 2019-2020 these six people oversee the maintainance and wellbeing of the association. With the first full year in Atlas approaching, it is now up to this board to make sure all Lucid members feel at home and where Atlas goes Lucid.

Ruben de Jongh

Chairman & Commissioner of Bar

Lynne de Kluizenaar

Secretary & Vice-Chairman

Mirthe Visscher


Anne Jenster

Commissioner of Education

Niek van den Berk

Commissioner of Internal Affairs & Professional Relations

Iris Camps

Commissioner of External Affairs


Previous boards



f.l.t.r. Jessie Lauret, Sammy Oor, Charlaine Janssen, Kay van den Aker, Cyril Mengin, Lars de Langen, Tjeu van Bussel

  • Kay van den Aker – Chairman
  • Charlaine Janssen – Secretary
  • Cyril Mengin – Treasurer
  • Sammy Oor – Commissioner of Education & Vice-Chairman
  • Lars de Langen – Commissioner of Internal Affairs
  • Jessie Lauret – Commissioner of External Affairs
  • Tjeu van Bussel – Commissioner of Public Relations & Bar


f.l.t.r. Joris Laenen, Simon Bavinck, Nicole van Essen, Kevin Bekker, Janita Bolhuis, Lisa Stavenuiter

  • Kevin Bekker – Chairman
  • Nicole van Essen – Secretary & Commissioner of Public Relations
  • Janita Bolhuis – Treasurer
  • Simon Bavinck – Commissioner of Education
  • Lisa Stavenuiter – Commissioner of External Affairs & Vice-Chairman
  • Joris Laenen – Commissioner of Events and Facilities


f.l.t.r. Tara Mengelers, Lianne de Jong, Naomi Kool, Marit Proper, Derek van der Ploeg, Mitchell Multem

  • Marit Proper – Chairman  & Commissioner Public Relations
  • Naomi Kool – Secretary & Commissioner of Publicity
  • Derek van der Ploeg – Treasurer
  • Lianne de Jong – Commissioner of Education
  • Mitchell Multem – Commisioner of Internal Affairs & Vice-Chairman
  • Tara Mengelers – Commisioner of External Affairs


f.l.t.r. Daniëlle Ramp, Lei Nelissen, Renee Noortman, Oscar van Beek, Hannah Keulen, Peter Roosen

  • Oscar van Beek – Chairman
  • Renee Noortman – Secretary & Commissioner Public Relations
  • Hannah Keulen – Treasurer
  • Lei Nelissen – Commissioner of Education
  • Peter Roosen – Commisioner of Internal Affairs & Vice-Chairman
  • Daniëlle Ramp – Commisioner of External Affairs


f.l.t.r. Linnea Groot, Jeroen Cox, Max Meulendijks, Jochem Franse, Kim Sauvé, Huub Offermans

  • Jochem Franse – Chairman
  • Max Meulendijks – Secretary & Bar Treasurer
  • Kim Sauvé – Treasurer
  • Jeroen Cox – Commissioner of Education & Commissioner of Public Relations
  • Huub Offermans – Commissioner of Internal Affairs & Vice-Chairman
  • Linnea Groot – Commissioner of External Affairs


f.l.t.r. Myrthe Büskens, Pepijn Verburg, Sjuul Bosmans, Marijn van der Steen, Naomi Verdaasdonk, Max Weetzel

  • Marijn van der Steen – Chairman
  • Sjuul Bosmans – Secretary & Commissioner of Public Relations
  • Naomi Verdaasdonk- Treasurer
  • Pepijn Verburg – Commissioner of Education
  • Max Weetzel – Commissioner of Internal Affairs
  • Myrthe Büskens – Commissioner of External Affairs & Vice-Chairman


f.l.t.r. Lieke van der Most, David Verweij, Marleen van Bergeijk, Liza Blummel, Charlotte van der Sommen, Joep Elderman. Lieke van der Most (former Commissioner of Public Relations) has decided to leave the board after two months.

  • Liza Blummel – Chairman
  • Marleen van Bergeijk – Secretary & Commissioner of External Affairs
  • Charlotte van der Sommen- Treasurer
  • David Verweij – Commissioner of Education & Vice-Chairman
  • Joep Elderman – Commissioner of Internal Affairs


f.l.t.r. Paul van Beek, Doenja Oogjes, Sanne van Wingen, Enitia Karijodinomo, Stijn Zoontjens, Frits van Beek

  • Enitia Karijodinomo – Chairman
  • Sanne van Wingen – Secretary & Commissioner of Public Relations
  • Stijn Zoontjens – Treasurer & Vice-chairman
  • Doenja Oogjes – Commissioner of Education
  • Frits van Beek – Commissioner of Internal Affairs
  • Paul van Beek – Commissioner of External Affairs & Lustrum


f.l.t.r. Rob Engels, Ine Mols, Mirthe Monninkhof, Marleen van der Wiel, Thomas van de Werff, Bram Bervoets

  • Marleen van der Wiel – Chairman
  • Mirthe Monninkhof – Secretary & Public Relations
  • Thomas van de Werff – Treasurer
  • Ine Mols – Commissioner of Education
  • Bram Bervoets – Commissioner of Internal Affairs
  • Rob Engels – Commissioner of External Affairs & Vice-chairman


f.l.t.r. Fiona Jongejans, Tim Scholten, Job Huberts, Dennis de Klein, Frederique Oudkerk, Mitchell Jacobs

  • Dennis de Klein – Chairman
  • Job Huberts – Secretary & External Affairs
  • Frederique Oudkerk – Treasurer
  • Tim Scholten – Commissioner of Education
  • Mitchell Jacobs – Commissioner of Internal Affairs
  • Fiona Jongejans – Commissioner of Public Relations & Vice-chairman


f.l.t.r. Bert Bogaerts, Marigo Heijboer, Ivo Wouters, Manon Spermon, Rens Brankaert

  • Ivo Wouters – Chairman
  • Marigo Heijboer – Secretary & External Affairs
  • Manon Spermon – Treasurer
  • Bert Bogaerts – Commissioner of Education
  • Rens Brankaert – Commissioner of Internal Affairs & Vice-chairman


f.l.t.r. Joey van Dun, Kevin Pfeil, Ries Tobben, Pieter Weterings, Inge Thomassen

  • Ries Tobben – Chairman
  • Inge Thomassen – Secretary & Internal Affairs
  • Pieter Weterings – Treasurer
  • Joey van Dun – Commissioner of Education
  • Kevin Pfeil – Commissioner of Public Relations


f.l.t.r. Frank Elbers, Jasper Pieterse, Floris Kimman, Martijn Jansen, Joep Kalthoff, Tess Speelpenning

  • Martijn Jansen – Chairman
  • Floris Kimman – Secretary
  • Frank Elbers – Treasurer & Vice-chairman
  • Jasper Pieterse – Commissioner of Education
  • Joep Kalthoff – Commissioner of Public Relations
  • Tess Speelpenning – Commissioner of Internal Affairs


f.l.t.r. Erik van Alphen, Gilles van Wanrooij, Wouter van Dijk, Wouter Kersteman, Ties Bunt, Laurie Scholten

  • Wouter van Dijk – Chairman
  • Wouter Kersteman – Secretary & Vice-chairman
  • Ties Bunt – Treasurer
  • Gilles van Wanrooij – Commissioner of Education
  • Eric van Alphen – Commissioner of Public Relations
  • Laurie Scholten – Commissioner of Internal Affairs


f.l.t.r. Chris Heger, Harry Vermeulen, Serge Offermans, Saskia Bakker, Ivo de Boer

  • Serge Offermans – Chairman
  • Saskia Bakker – Secretary & Vice-chairman
  • Harry Vermeulen – Treasurer
  • Ivo de Boer – Commissioner of Education
  • Chris Heger – Commissioner of Public Relations


f.l.t.r. Tjerk Timan, Lieke Bömer, Wouter Reeskamp, Tijn Kooijmans

  • Wouter Reeskamp – Chairman
  • Lieke Bömer – Secretary
  • Tijn Kooijmans – Treasurer
  • Tjerk Timan – Commissioner of Education


  • Thijs Kuipers – Chairman
  • Marieke van Liempd – Secretary
  • Flip van den Berg – Treasurer
  • Dirk Volman – Commissioner of Education
  • Jan Hoefnagels – Commissioner of Activities


There is no photo of the first board. 

  • Thijs Kuipers – Chairman
  • Robert van Dijk – Secretary
  • Daniël Didden – Treasurer
  • Dirk Volman – Commissioner of Education
  • Jan Hoefnagels – Commissioner of Activities


Lucid’s committees are the driving force behind this organization, they make it possible to organise a large variety of activities throughout the year. Two times a year the ‘committee market’ takes place where committees that are still in need of members or committees that are brand new, can find interested students and vice versa. Different committees start each year, which one are presented below.


IDcate is one of Lucid’s Educational Committees. IDcate organizes several educational activities such as workshops, (lunch) lectures and excursions, which provides you extra knowledge or skills outside the normal curriculum.

UNiD Magazine

The UNiD is Lucid’s official design magazine. It is made by Lucid members, for Lucid members. It covers stories about the faculty, Industrial Design, companies, student projects and more design.


The Lucid.Bar is the place for Industrial Design students and staff to gather, have a drink, have a laugh and most importantly relax after a hard day of work at the faculty.


A study association without parties is like cornflakes without milk. Therefore Lucid’s Awesome Party Department arranges a minimum of three parties throughout the year and an occasional pub crawl.

Introduction week

In August the TU/e introduction week is organised so new students can get to know each other, their study and this city. This committee makes sures that this will be a week that will never be forgotten.

End of the Year Trip

The world offers many interesting places and people in the field of design. Over the years we visited many places, for example the USA, Portugal and Japan

First Years Trip

To facilitate first years in their discovery towards becoming a desinger, we explore some international design together. Destinations have been Milan, Barcelona and Copenhagen.


First Years Weekend

At the beginning of the academic year this committee organises a weekend full of activities, laughter and bonfires, so all new students can get to know each other better.

Conduct Festival

In September Lucid’s very first edition of the multidisciplinary electronic festival took place: Conduct. This committee will make sure the second edition will be just as great.


Focus is Lucid’s photo committee. Thec committee uses a photopool consisting a number of dedicated photographers who will be present on the most important Lucid activities to make sure they can be remembered forever.

Difficult Things Committee

Today’s digital society is full of difficult things. This committee uses it’s programming and electronical skills to take care of all Lucid’s difficult digital things, or come up with their own projects which help Lucid.


Wervingsdagen is a committee of all study associations at the TU/e. Every year they organize skill sessions, the career expo and interviewing days.

Financial Control Committee

The Financial control committee makes sure that the (half year) results of Lucid and the bar are thoroughly checked before they are reviewed by the GMM.


UNID Magazine

The UNIDis the magazine of Lucid, made by hard-working students to ensure interesting articles are published throughout the academic year. The goals of the UNID is to gather valuable knowledge and information from inside and outside the faculty and to communicate this to students while also reaching out to others interested in the field of design. The UNID committee simulates a professional editorial office where the teams of writers, graphics, and media are working together to ensure the best and most beautiful magazine for you. View the latest edition below.

Magazines per year


Editions and counting