Welcome to Lucid!

s.v.i.d. Lucid is the study association of the Industrial Design faculty at the Eindhoven University of Technology. The association supports her students in an educational manner, whilst also providing leisure activities.

Do you want to go skiing?23 Sep

Very soon, the Luski committee will be installed to organize the Lucid ski-trip. Do you want to join the trip? If you are available in March and are (almost) sure you want to join the trip, please sign your name on the Luski list at the shop. This is not for subscriptions but merely to get an idea of how many people want to join the trip!

Lucid goes Lichtjesroute23 Sep

The liberation of Eindhoven by the Allies was on September 18th 1944. The returning soldiers were welcomed by Eindhoven with lights shining behind their windows. Since 1984 this tradition is repeated every year in a modern way to make a 22 km route through Eindhoven, that is illuminated by lights. On Tuesday the 29th of September Lucid goes Lichtjesroute. By bike, with beer and crisps for only 5€! We will gather in front of the Laplace building at 20:00 and you will return around midnight. Want to join? Subscribe at the Lucid.Shop before the end of Monday the 28th.

Tuchthuis Update23 Sep

Due to the circumstances of last week, we missed a Tuchthuis Hangout on Thursday. This week we’re back!

The first hangout was a great success! Missed it? Hereby a short summary of the drink two weeks ago; people ate nasi (or fries with kroketten), people sang, people did boardgames, people danced, people played the piano, and some people drank beer.

Because so many people showed up, unfortunately, the Tuchthuis ran out of food. We hope the Tuchthuis people took good care of you when this happened. To avoid situations like this in the future we will open a subscription list at the Lucid.Shop where you can subscribe for dinner beforehand. Please subscribe before Thursday 16:30 (shop closing time) if you want to join dinner!

Quick reminder, Tuchthuis <3 Lucid every thursday:
Drinks: €1,80
Dinner: €4,-

First Years Weekend11 Sep

Did you enjoy this year’s introduction? Are you ready for another weekend full of great activities, partying and new people? Then join us for First Years Weekend 2015! From 9-11 October we will take 50 first years ID students with us to an accommodation in Someren. Subscriptions open on September 24th at 13:00 sharp. Be there and join us for only €45,-!

Committee Market11 Sep

Are you interested in joining a committee or just curious what kind of committees Lucid has? On the 21st and the 22nd of September, Lucid will organize the committee market. On this market, all committees that will be installed during the first semester will be presented. There are several committees that organize activities such as the Milano trip, the Parents Day or educational workshops. During the lunch break, you can get information on what all the committees are for and what you could do when joining them. So come by if you are interested in joining a committee! More information will follow soon.