Welcome to Lucid!

s.v.i.d. Lucid is the study association of the Industrial Design faculty at the Eindhoven University of Technology. The association supports her students in an educational manner, whilst also providing leisure activities.

End of the Year Trip Information Lunch27 Jan

Hi there adventurers!
Bring out your inner Vodka-Vikings and join the Lucid End of the Year Trip to Stockholm, Helsinki, and Saint Petersburg this summer! Still need a bit more info before barricading your calendar 11-25 July? Then join the information Lunch the 18th of February from 12:30-13:30 in the ID-Café, and the committee might just answer all your questions.

Where and when are we going exactly? What will we do here? Do we get free IKEA meatballs and vodka? How can I join? What will the price be?

Join us and find out!

TEI: Student side-program27 Jan

From February 15th to February 17th, the 10th international conference on Tangible, Embedded and Embodied Interaction (TEI) will be organised at this department.

Want to visit the TEI conference, but don’t you have a paper accepted? The TEI organization together with the department and EduCie is organizing a special side-program during this conference to give students the opportunity to experience parts of the TEI program.
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Integrand Workshop: How to write a Motivational Letter27 Jan

For some jobs you need to write a motivational letter explaining why you want this particular position. Writing a proper motivational letter takes more effort than you might think. This is why we organise a motivational letter training for all lucid members. During this training Integrand prepares you for this letter, how you can get the attention and interest of the companies to make sure they want you and give you the job you want. Integrand prepares you for your future after your studies. We organise several workshops, Inhouse days and most of all we make sure you find your perfect internship.

Integrand will organise a workshop on how to write a motivational letter on the 3rd of February from 13:00-17:00. Subscribe for the workshop at the shop today for just €2,-!

Interested? Attend the Facebook event.

Beerpong Tournament27 Jan

Beer and pingpong, the best ways to start your new quartile, right? Fortunately the Lucid.Bar is combining the two in a beerpong tournament on Tuesday February the 2nd from 17:00-19:30. You can subscribe as a team of two at the shop for 14,- euro per team, the beer for the beerpong matches is included. There’s only room for 16 teams so be quick. Spectators and sports fanatics are also welcome to watch the tournament at the Lucid.Bar.

Stay up to date by attending the Facebook event.

Parents Day: Volunteers Wanted!20 Jan

Let’s face it, many parents don’t quite know what their son/daughter is up to here at ID. To take away the vagueness of the study, the Parents Day Committee is organising a Parents Day on the 19th of February. On this day, parents of first year students get the chance to taste the awesome life of an ID-student. So be sure to sign your parents up! They can subscribe themselves via this link.

We’re also looking for volunteers to help us out during the day itself. If you’re interested in helping us out during the day and receiving a free lunch and T-shirt in the process, don’t hesitate to sign up as a volunteer. Simply fill in this form (it takes a minute and works on your phone too) and get ready to make some parents smile!