Welcome to Lucid!

s.v.i.d. Lucid is the study association of the Industrial Design faculty at the Eindhoven University of Technology. The association supports her students in an educational manner, whilst also providing leisure activities.

RS contest electric paint7 Apr

Dear student,


We like to invite you to participate in a Price Winning Contest!

Recently RS Components introduced Bare Conductive Electric Paint to our range. This new and innovative product can be used as liquid wire or a conductive adhesive.

Electric paint adheres to wood, paper, plastics, textiles and metal. So it’s great for prototyping all kinds of products. Read more

Lunch Lecture Zuidzeven23 Mar

Upcoming Thursday, the 26th of March, Anita Aarts will be giving a lunch lecture on user interface design and the new entrepreneurship. You can now subscribe at Lucid for €2, this includes attending the lecture and an amazing lunch. See you Thursday in ID café!
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65th GMM11 Mar

We have some important matters to discuss and present during this GMM at monday March 23, 19:00.

– How has Lucid been doing financialy this half year?
– What alterations need to be made in the HR (huisregelement)? And do you accept these alterations?
– What will Lucid look like in five years?

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Philips Creative Bootcamp11 Mar

Are you a master or B3.2 student and are you looking for an interesting and challenging SDL project? Subscribe for the Philips Creative Bootcamp. After the succes of last year we now present the second edition about Lighting Interaction Interfaces. It will be between the 13th and the 17th of April. The main topics will be user experience, integrating technology and the internet of things.  Read more

Subscriptions End of the Year Trip Taiwan now open11 Mar

Between the 3rd and 23rd of July Lucid will go to Taiwan and the Subscriptions for this End of the Year Trip are now open! There are 16 places open for subscriptions by participants, so we have to make a selection. You can subscribe by sending a motivation letter to taiwan@lucid.cc. The Motivation Letter has to contain the reason why you want to come on the trip, what you can be of value to the group and what you can be of value to the companies.

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