Welcome to Lucid!

s.v.i.d. Lucid is the study association of the Industrial Design faculty at the Eindhoven University of Technology. The association supports her students in an educational manner, whilst also providing leisure activities.

Will you help create Lucid Lustrum III?5 Jul

Next Year Lucid already becomes 15 and we will celebrate its 3rd lustrum with awesome activities. But in order to make this happen we are looking for interested members of all years to help with an activity of our Lustrum. Of course we don’t want to tell you everything yet, so if you are interested contact us at lucid@tue.nl.

Keep your eyes out for more info!

Conduct Festival5 Jul

Dear party people,
This event is for every joyful soul that wanders on the TU/e campus.

Thursday the 15th of September 2016 the Koeveld will be transformed into the CONDUCT festival.
There will be a stage where three electronic acts will show their skills on synthesizers, drum pads and samplers. While those performers catch their breath, side activities are organized in cooperation with companies.

All that festivity in the sun will make you hungry and thirsty of course, but a bar and food stands will keep you up your feet so you can behold the stunning ornaments and interactive decorations. Via this eventpage we provide you with all the information you need to know and until then let your imagination do its work and practice your signature moves.

Big Outside Drink20 Jun

Welcome to one of our yearly traditions: the Big Outside Drink. On the 30th of June this drink will take place on the grass field across the Iron Tent from 16:00-21:00. A drink to get together and either discuss our activities, or to especially forget about them. A drink to enjoy together with our fellow students. A drink to rejoice the good weather we are likely to endure.

75th GMM: Election of the 16th Board7 Jun

Dear member,

We would like to warmly invite you to the 75th General Members Meeting on the 5th of July at 19:00 at the Oude Rechtbank, Stratumseind 32 Eindhoven. During this GMM you will elect the 16th Board of Lucid!

In accordance with the Five Years Policy a new Financial Advisory Committee (KasCo) will be elected this GMM. For this, we need you! You can do this by being present at the meeting and stand for election. If you have any questions regarding this committee, please visit the boardroom. We will be more than happy to inform you.

We will also have dinner at the Oude Rechtbank. Want to join? Subscribe at the Lucid shop for €4,- before Friday the 1st of July and you will be served a delicious meal at 18:00 before the GMM.

We hope to see you then!
If you have any remarks regarding the minutes of the previous GMM, please reply to this e-mail.

With kind regards,
The Fifteenth Board

CHEOPS vs Lucid: Dynamic Duo’s7 Jun

Batman and Robin, Bacardi and Cola, Barbie and Ken, Geer and Goor, SpongeBob and Patrick. Find your duo and join Lucid and CHEOPS at the Tuchthuis for the last faculty party of the year! On the 30th of June from 21:00-02:00 this incredible party will take place at the Tuchthuis.

And last but not least, YOU are the one who’ll be choosing the music! Vote for the music you want to hear and dance at your favorite hits!

Tickets are sold at Lucid and CHEOPS for €2,00.
You can also buy them at the door for €3,00.