Welcome to Lucid!

s.v.i.d. Lucid is the study association of the Industrial Design faculty at the Eindhoven University of Technology. The association supports her students in an educational manner, whilst also providing leisure activities.

LucidFM DJ’s11 Nov

The moment you’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived: LUCID FM is back, and this year is going to be better than ever. Have you always dreamed of hosting your own radio show? Do you ever listen to yourself and think, “I should be broadcasted live!”? We are looking for duos to host segments of this year’s radio marathon on December 10th in support of Serious Request. You will get around 2 hours to host the show, the only condition being that you have to raise money somehow. Grab a friend, think big, and think weird. Then send your proposal to extern@lucid.cc and let us know what you want to do and how it will raise money. Feel free to contact us for more information!

Design2Gather Case #111 Nov

Do you want to apply your design knowledge to a real life case? Design2Gather is a design platform that offers different designments that you can send in solutions for. Right now, Design2Gather offers a case that is focused on designing intelligent toys that can communicate with each other. During this design case you will work on a solution for this designment together. The design case will take place on the 25th of November from 13:30-17:00. More information on the exact program for the workshop will follow soon!

Aan Tafel Met: Research11 Nov

Dear ID master students,

The career committee organizes a new ‘Aan tafel met’! This year, there will be three diffent ‘Aan tafel met’s which will all have a different theme: research, entrepreneur and corporate. This edition will be research themed. 6 research companies are excited to meet you over a nicely prepared dinner at the Tuchthuis on the 1st of December. The evening will start at 18:00 and will cost €15,- (including a five course dinner). There are 24 places available.

Do you want to extend your network in an informal way? Subscription will open at the Lucid shop on the 16th of November at 12:00. The companies are looking forward to seeing you there!

Lunch Lecture: A Guide to Lay-Out11 Nov

Want to know more about layouts, putting graphics, typography and colour schemes together? Come visit our lunchlecture on the 24th of November to learn more about this from the company of TextCenter. At the IDcafé they will present from 12.30 till 13.30 all about this subject and educate you on styling principles for your document for FREE. The lecture is free but do you also want us to prepare your lunch? For only 2 euros we will provide lunch for you, but be sure to sign up in time at Lucid!

Join the Facebook event if you are interested and make sure you receive updates!

LAPD: Jailhouse11 Nov

To whom it may concern,

You have been summoned to appear at a court of law, on the charge of not partying enough.
Your public hearing is scheduled to take place the 19th of November at the Tuchthuis, between 22.00 and 02.00. Please bring your official documents, which can be picked up at the Lucid Shop from the 10th of November onwards. You are expected to appear in proper attire.
You will have the opportunity to prove your innocence at this hearing, so we would strongly recommend you do so and prepare accordingly.

We trust we have informed you correctly,
Yours faithfully,

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